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Do You Plan to Stay in US? Visit Roomster First! Juni 26, 2008

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One thing that Rita, friend of mine, thought as a big problem when she planned to study in US was about housing. Finding the compatible housing was a big problem for her. Cultural difference will affected cultural shock in very early times, it takes time to  assimilating into the new culture.

So that the good housing environment and friends who could help her assimilated into the new culture was very very important thing. Another important consideration was location of the campus. Campus that closest to the housing is important matter because expense of transportation and amenity of activities is matter that influencing decision of choosing the study place.

Rita plans to study at Michigan Techological University. Firstly she finds a difficulty to look for the housing during study there. And surely she does  not have families or friends there who can look for housing for the moment she still in Indonesia.

She wish when coming to Michigan the housing have been made available, so that can be lived direct and more focus for the preparation to start her study in campus.

But lucky thing of aid Roomster.net, website that provide of housing seeking like apartment and roommate, Rita have rented the housing which she felt compatible. Seeking of room mate with the apartment location which is close to campus very easy. Roomster.net is very helpful.

On that website there is facility of housing seeking which is close to certain campus. Rita start it by chosing Michigan Techological University as housing reference around the campus. Then determine the roommate that she likes such as age, man or woman, or even Rita can chose the roommate by certain zodiac.

Now Rita can go to America with perfect housing.




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